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My Mission

Wisdom is Within Coaching imparts the knowledge and the skill for clients to discover self-acceptance, personal power, love and abundance.
 Self Discovery Works.


Liz Robitaille is a Certified Louise Hay teacher, author, mentor and coach who is passionately committed to her work. She offers wisdom and understanding which enables people to learn how to connect to new levels of happiness, positive self-talk and self-confidence.

She has assisted hundreds of people through her workshops, personal coaching, keynote addresses and writing to discover self-compassion and personal power.

She has guided her clients to love and accept themselves and others, exactly as they are and, in so doing, creating new levels of love, connection, health, prosperity, joy and wisdom in their lives.

Liz’s Life Purpose is to empower others to live their best life and recognize their own potential for love and success. After you’ve spent some time with Liz you discover your hidden talents and gifts; and know the “Wisdom is Within”.

Welcome Liz’s life changing approach into your life… Self Discovery Works!

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"I appreciate that Liz is confident and knowledgeable as well as gentle and loving in her presentation and guidance...Since working with Liz, I have a sense of deeper compassion and kindness towards myself.  I see and feel my wholeness instead of the perceived flaws."  
Pauline T., North Vancouver




Louise Hay and Liz
May 1998
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