Restoration – Chaos to Calm

My kitchen floor was recently flooded by a faulty water line... the result is chaos in the centre of my great room. A few days later, I arrived home after being away to find sheets of dust covering everything... my furniture, plants, etc. The restoration process had begun.

The restoration company gave us a little booklet explaining what to expect. The process of restoration has many steps – decisions to be made and approvals for financing – things that require input from other sources and from my husband and I. I’ve asked myself: “Do I have the patience for this?” I have found the experience very challenging. My feeling of calm disappeared and was replaced with chaos. Has it been fun? No. Am I accepting the process? Yes.

Through this experience I am aware of how easy it is for me to allow criticism to show up. I witnessed myself looking at every deficiency and incomplete projects in my home as a problem. I felt my energy dropping, my frustration levels increasing and my comfort level disappearing.

I believe the same holds true in other areas of my life. I make a decision to invite a change whether it is a physical, emotional or mental one and the process unfolds.

The restoration begins:
I review the old negative thinking that has been holding me back.
I make choices to be more self-supportive – choosing new ways of believing and being.
I acknowledge the changes I have and am making.
I appreciate the journey I am experiencing.

Creating calm out of chaos is an ongoing journey. As I connect to my success and appreciate my choices, the chaos settles and I am able to make more self-supporting decisions. I am thankful for the chaos and return to acknowledging the joy of living in the calm.

In this moment, I encourage you to take a step back and think of those areas of your life that are in transition. Are you struggling against the decisions required to create more calm in your life or are you allowing yourself to make decisions which will empower the next step on the journey?

Today I...
Am thankful for this experience...
I appreciate the process of life and trust each decision...
Release my resistance to change and welcome the calm...
And so it is

Liz Robitaille is an internationally recognized Louise L. Hay teacher and founder of Wisdom is Within Coaching.  She can be reached at 877-986-5321 or

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