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Self-Test:  How Well-Balanced Is Your Life? 

1.  TIME – Do you have control of it or does your time revolve around outside influences?

2.  LOVE – Do you accept that you deserve to love and be loved unconditionally?

3.  SUCCESS – Do you know your definition of success and appreciate your contributions?

4.  JOY –Are you connected to the playful fun-loving you?

5.  COMFORT – Do you enjoy order in your life – personal and professional?

6.  BEAUTY – Do you appreciate all the wonderful things in your life including you?

7.  WISDOM – Do you trust your inner voice and follow your intuition?

8.  RELATIONSHIP – Do you surround yourself with positive, loving, supportive people?

      9.  HEALTH – Do you have a daily, weekly, monthly routine for taking care of “yourself”?

      10.  MONEY – Do you understand your beliefs about money and abundance?


Self-Test Interpretation

Count the number of “yes” and “no” answers from the test.

If you answered “Yes” to all 10 questions, congratulations!  You love and accept yourself and others completely and live in the ease and joy of life.

If you answered “No” to 1-3 questions, you are doing quite well already and you would benefit from putting attention on those areas yielding the “no” answers.  You would find new levels of love and acceptance flowing into your life.

If you answered “No” to 3-6 questions, you would really benefit from making some positive changes now.  Learn the value of creating balance in your life.

If you answered “No” to 7-10 questions, your life is very much out of balance and there are a number of issues that it would be beneficial to address soon.  Take time to reflect on what is most important in your life. 


Liz believes these 10 categories are essential elements of our well-being and balance.  If you would like to discuss your results you can email her at liz@wisdomiswithin.com

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