Thank you for your gift

At my granddaughter’s 3rd birthday, I had the pleasure of witnessing her in the full expression of appreciation as she greeted each guest: “Thank you for coming to my party! Thank you for the present!” I was of course feeling a grandmother’s pride in watching this little girl in the glory of celebrating her life... nothing is more precious... It was an unforgettable moment.

Over the weeks since, I have reflected upon this experience and realized the importance of gratitude in honouring the gifts those in my life offer in their presence. I believe each of us is blessed with our own unique soul expression – our unique gift.

I have often been asked: “What is my life purpose” and my response is “Sharing your gift with others”. There is a tendency to want to look for a bigger answer than is necessary. It never matters the size of the gift... it’s the intention behind the gift that matters... My granddaughter had no attachment to what was presented, she simply was living the experience of receiving.

Discovering one’s gift is the most incredible blessing... the answer is found in those things in your life you do naturally... something you would be surprised to acknowledge as a gift. Find it - own it -acknowledge it... ask your trusted friends and they will confirm it.   

Appreciation is another way of discovering your gift... what we appreciate in others can often be a reflection of our own unique soul expression. Take time to reflect on those people in your life you admire and ask the question: “Is what I admire in them something I am ready to acknowledge in my own life?”

 Enjoy this journey... Connect with your gift and celebrate your life!


Today I...

Give thanks for the loving connections in my life...
Appreciate the beauty in others...
Connect to my special gift...
And so it is...

Love Liz


Liz Robitaille is an internationally recognized Louise L. Hay teacher and founder of Wisdom is Within Coaching.  She can be reached at 877-986-5321 or

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