Creating Dreams

As I reflect upon my life and the many dreams which have been fulfilled and those yet to be expressed, I am reminded to take time each day to be in gratitude for all the blessings present. Many of my dreams are a result of the contributions I have freely given and received from others during the course of my life.

I believe dreams are the result of allowing ourselves the permission to be happy, successful and loved. Our memories of the past can impede us from experiencing life to its fullest. We can place our attention on the lack or the abundance it is solely our decision.

Certainly, there are situations in our lives which can be difficult to release and forgive. Yet, there are also so many amazing experiences to reflect upon and embrace. Does love lost mean we are no longer entitled to be loved? Does hardship in the past have to define us in the present? Does lost opportunity mean there is no permission to reach out for a new dream?

Who gets to decide the dreams we can reach for? Are we waiting to receive permission to create a new dream or are we ready to make a stand for ourselves: I have a dream!....

I encourage you to take a few minutes each day to acknowledge the happiness, success and love present in your life, to be grateful for your life experiences which are the fabric of who you are now, and to open your heart to new dreams

Today I...
Give myself permission to create new dreams
Ask for guidance in accepting my good
Release the past and welcome forgiveness

And so it is.

Love Liz


Liz Robitaille is an internationally recognized Louise L. Hay teacher and founder of Wisdom is Within Coaching.  She can be reached at 877-986-5321 or

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