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We are in the midst of having a new veranda built on our house. I watch and listen to the three carpenters as they work and find myself impressed by their happiness and excitement for what they do each day, even when their bodies seem a bit tired.

I asked each of them what their favourite play was as a child and they all responded – “lego just loved it” – the fun of those childhood days gets relived for them each day in their chosen careers. I can picture them as little boys in the enthusiasm of building another lego model. Now as adults, they get to play “lego” in the real life with wood and roofing materials, drills, hammers, saws... the tools are all there and they are happy.

They listen to music and enjoy each other’s company as they work. Their pride for the gift they are creating for my husband and I is evident at the end of each day, as together we review the progress and the next step of the project.

I notice how much appreciation they have for each other’s expertise. The leadership is consistent and supportive. The vision is shared and they are thankful for the good weather as they replace the roof. Life is simple and easy – well perhaps physically challenging, however rewarding all the same.

I am often asked the question: “How does one connect to one’s passion for work?” I know the answer lies within our personal experience and when we are able to give ourselves permission to connect to the playful experiences of our childhood I know there is a message waiting to be expressed.

As a child, I loved to play school – is there any surprise that I love the work I do? What were the childhood games that were your favourite? Are you still playing them in your life now? I encourage you to reconnect to the simple pleasures of your childhood and allow the wisdom for your “next” step to emerge. Have fun!

Today, I...
Appreciate my daily contribution to others
Have fun at work
Make simple and easy decisions in each moment

And so it is...

Love Liz


Liz Robitaille is an internationally recognized Louise L. Hay teacher and founder of Wisdom is Within Coaching.  She can be reached at 877-986-5321 or

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