Welcoming Prosperity

I am often asked questions regarding creating more prosperity in our lives. I have discovered the first step is to recognize one’s level of deserving and acceptance in order to welcome “more” ... It is important for each of us to be able to define what area of our life we are requesting the “more” to show up in.

To welcome more loving relationships, I am called to understand the value of my present relationships. I must stop the criticism and judgements which may be surfacing and be willing to love and accept others exactly as they are. By accepting others, it frees me from the critical and judgemental feelings and often the relationship shifts – we either build a new foundation or we decide to set the person free.

To welcome more money into our lives, it is important to stop the criticisms of all past decisions and be open to creating a new relationship with money – one that reflects an attitude of gratitude and deserving. Appreciating the evidence of your abundance attracts “more”... Sometimes the money is evident in our acquisitions... take time to really look at what you have created and be ready to welcome more in each moment.

To enjoy good healthy, it is important to love and accept your body exactly as it is. If we are in conflict with our body’s messages, it is very difficult for healthy shift to occur. My body gives me subtle messages and my job is to listen. The answer may often relate to creating better self-care practices: taking the needed rest; eating the nourishing foods; drinking water regularly; enjoying exercise that suits you best...

As you reflect upon these three areas of prosperity, I encourage you to open your heart and allow the wisdom of your life’s experience to guide you in welcoming “more”.

Today I...
Love and accept others exactly as they are..
Appreciate and am grateful for my financial prosperity...
Create new healthy ways of taking care of my body...
And so it is

Love Liz


Liz Robitaille is an internationally recognized Louise L. Hay teacher and founder of Wisdom is Within Coaching.  She can be reached at 877-986-5321 or liz@wisdomiswithin.com

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