Love Yourself Series:

Based on the wisdom of Louise L. Hay and other teachers, this 5 part series focuses on the elements of self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-support and self-understanding.  You will learn to understand your belief systems and how they impact every area of your life.


Gain insights and tools that you can use immediately to make positive changes and welcome new levels of love, support and abundance into your life.


How To Love Yourself – 2 Days

This 2-Day workshop is the foundation for the Love Yourself Series.

You are provided with tools which help you set healthy boundaries in all areas of your life. You are taught the importance of putting yourself first, without guilt.  You experience self-compassion and understanding of your family dynamics.  You are taught techniques for expressing anger in a safe, self-supportive way.  You are introduced to the importance of forgiveness in your life.

Dissolving Barriers – 2 Days

Discover the beliefs that limit your dreams and self-acceptance.  Understand the resistance that is present and holding you back.  Learn to give yourself permission to end the struggle and welcome new levels of happiness and trust.  Learn the messages that are locked away within your body and new ways of supporting yourself and releasing old pain.  Create a new blue print of your future.


Inner Child – 1 Day

Learn the importance of connecting to self-compassion.  The Inner Child work is pivotal to self-discovery.  The Inner Child holds the secret to releasing limiting beliefs that are keeping you separate from what you truly desire.  The Inner Child is waiting for you to welcome it on the journey and create new levels of happiness, joy and fun.


Body Wisdom – 1 Day

Learn to listen to your body’s messages.  Understanding the body’s signals is empowering.  This is one of the most self-supportive pieces of the Love Yourself Series.  It promotes the importance of self-support and self-compassion.    


Prosperity – 1 Day

Discover your limiting beliefs about money and prosperity.  Connect to your life’s purpose.  We often relate prosperity to money and things… actually it is about something more…  This workshop will empower you to begin the next step of your journey to prosperity.




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