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My Story…

Louise L. Hay's work has been inspirational to me.

Her book “You Can Heal Your Life” first arrived in my life in 1988 when I was asking the question - How
can I deal with breast cancer from a different approach?  I had always relied on the medical profession to have
the answer for me, however at the age of 38, I was unwilling to take that approach in dealing with my failing
immune system.

One of my cousins had died of breast cancer near the same age and I was determined to get to the route of the
problem and heal my life.  At the time I was able to gain strength from Louise L. Hay's wisdom and made
significant changes in my health care - I found a physician who was supportive of the alternative approach to
healing.  She recommended I see an MD who was practicing hypnotherapy as a way of healing cancer patients. 
After 6 sessions with her, it became clear to me that my thoughts and beliefs of the past were affecting my health.

As Louise L. Hay writes, the childhood experiences get stuck in the body - my experience of sexual abuse as a
child decided to rest in my breast.  Once I was clear about the source of the anger and resentment, my healing
journey began.

I embraced Louise L. Hay's wisdom and for the first time in my life, felt someone was speaking my language. 
Everything she wrote made so much sense to me.  I began my journey of self discovery and personal training in
earnest after having a benign breast lump removed - I was ready to release the past and this surgery was very
symbolic to me at the time. I studied various modalities to learn what was available in the natural healing arts. 
I took wholistic counselling training and at the end of this journey, I asked the question...  What next...  The
answer was very clear - Louise L. Hay.

I picked up the book “You Can Heal Your Life” once again after several years of "no longer needing it" and
became inspired to become a certified teacher of her work.  In May 1998 I attended the Louise L. Hay Teacher
Training program in California and in June 1998 began teaching the wisdom of Louise L. Hay here in British
Columbia, Canada.

I am enjoying an amazing journey - I am a Life Coach and continue to teach the Love Yourself workshops.  The
focus of my work is on the message of self-compassion and loving acceptance.  I have used and will continue to
use the wisdom of Louise L. Hay's to assist my clients in opening their hearts to love and acceptance.

I am and have always been very proud to share this special wisdom with so many.  The changes I have witnessed
in the lives of my clients never cease to amaze me.  I am forever grateful for Louise L. Hay's courage and wisdom
in bringing the books Heal Your Body and You Can Heal Your Life to the world.  As Louise Hay writes:  Love
Yourself, Heal Your World.  


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